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Ludwig Göransson is a Swedish composer, producer, and condutor. Born September 1, 1984 in Linköping, Sweden. His works include "Creed" and "Creed II", while his acclaim score to "Black Panther" won him a Academy Award for Best Original Score in 2019 and a Golden Globe nomination for Best Original Score.

On his 7th birthday, Ludwig received his first electric guitar. The following years were devoted to practicing guitar and making small compositions. At the age of seventeen, Norrkoping Symphony Orchestra premiered his first orchestral work - 5 minutes to Christmas.

His ardent interests in composing and the art of improvising directed him into undertaking studies at the jazz department at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm (2004-2007).
During his second year in college, Ludwig formed a jazz quintet - Fabulous Five - with which he earned great success winning the national Swedish Jazzfest competition and touring Europe.
Ludwig Göransson's versatile compositions cover a diverse range of musical styles. He revealed a keen attraction towards the idea of combining music with motion and creating complimentary film music and soon he was getting commissions writing jingles for MTV and Swedish Television.
In spring 2007 Ludwig was awarded 1st prize in the European film music competition "The unheard battle", held in Amsterdam. As the winner, he was exclusively signed to the worldwide music company Massive Music and immediately commenced on working with them.

Ludwig now resides in Silverlake, LA with his friends.

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