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There is more than one artists using the name - not to be confused w/ The Machete (Finland band).

1) An hip-hop Italia crew composed by Salmo, Slait, Hell Raton, Nitro, Dani Faiv e Jack The Smoker.

2) An upstate NY band that employs deep swelling synthesized bass with the raw energy of classic punk and new wave… The sound runs the gamut from heavy punk to dark pop without alienating either crowd. Their debut album is "Too Weird To Die".

3) f.o. machete a rock band from Glasgow, Scotland.

4) Dj Machete is a staple in the Los Angeles Jungle/Drum and Bass scene. He began his musical career spinning as DJ Rob G.(not the hardcore DJ) back in 1992, playing hip-hop at infamous after hours spots like No-Doz, What?, and Caffiend.The Los Angeles underground rave scene was in its infancy then and Rob was inspired by the burgeoning techno-breakbeat culture emerging out of England via local DJs: RAW,CURIOUS, and OSCAR DA GROUCH. These 'Jungle' beats that evolved from frantic old-school breaks layered with hip-hop/reggae vocal-snippets intrigued Rob and pulled him in a new direction.

Around '93-'94, he helped form JUNGLIST PLATOON with his close circle of friends. These die-hard 'Junglists' could be seen at just about every underground event, giving out stickers and wearing t-shirts bearing their name. Rob G., urged by his peers, decided to change his DJ name to MACHETE due to the nature of his mixing and cuttin skills. "What better way to cut thru our urban jungle soundscapes than with a Machete?"

5) A political crust band from berlin who has three tapes out by now.

6) A short lived Winchendon, MA bands with members of Think I Care, So Be It, New Lows, etc. mining Eyehategod territory. Recorded a two song demo and nothing else.

7) An Adelaide punk/hardcore band.

8)A guitar/indie rock band from Miami, FL

9) A / band from Montaigu, France.

10) A nu-metal band from Puerto Rico.

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