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Malfunkshun is a Seattle-based band, formed in 1980 by Andrew Wood and his brother Kevin Wood. More can be found in the Wikipedia entry about Malfunkshun and Malfunkshun's current website.

Alongside with Green River, formed in 1983, they were one of the first grunge bands ever, first appearing along with other notable seattle-based bands like Soundgarden, Green River, The Melvins on the compilation release Deep Six. This release, as mentioned, were many of these bands first ever released songs.

In 2002 Kevin Wood and teamed up with Mother Love Bone drummer Greg Gilmore to record the 'Her Eyes' Cd.
In 2005 Kevin Wood teamed up with Regan Hagar and Shawn Smith to record the Malfunkshun Monument Cd. It was released in 2006 on wammybox records wammybox

In 2010 Universal Music released 'Malfunkshun the Andy Wood Story' a documentary featuring interviews and footage from Malfunkshun's early days. Included in the box set was a re - release of Return to Olympus and a collection of Andrew's Solo material.

In 2011 Jeff Loftis and Mike Stone joined the band and began recording and playing out.
Malfunkshun is currently making music and touring.

Years active 1980 - 1988
2002 - present

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