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Marina Lima (born Marina Correia Lima; September 17, 1955) is a Brazilian singer.

Starting her career before Brazilian rock of the '80s was commercially ripe, Marina Lima witnessed its creation from a privileged standpoint and participated in it as a successful star. Having released her debut album, Simples Como Fogo, in 1979, she helped define the look and sound of the new MPB arising at the dawn of the new decade.

Citing as her early-career influences singers like Rita Lee and Gal Costa, it wasn't until the release of her 5th album, Fullgás, released in 1984, that Marina really became a superstar. After that, several other successful albums followed, powered by hits like Fullgás (1984), Veneno (1984), Ainda é Cedo (1986), Virgem (1987) and À Francesa (1989). In 1990 Marina had the distinction of being the first artist whose video was played in the brand new MTV Brasil, with her video for the song Garota de Ipanema. The video would also be atop the first Top 10 countdown on the channel.

The continuing streak of hits was topped by the release of Marina Lima in 1991 (until then she was known simply by the name "Marina") and O Chamado in 1993, after which she took a step back from the limelight and, while still releasing records, decided to attend to her personal life. For the next 10 years, singers like Marisa Monte, Adriana Calcanhotto and Ana Carolina would rise in popularity while Marina quietly released low-profile records.

Marina wouldn't find herself in the center of attention again until the 2003 release of her MTV Unplugged, which combined a selection of hits, B-sides and new songs, and became the best-selling record and first DVD release of her career.

n VHS, the first concert by a Brazilian artist to be available as Home Video in the country)

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