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MINK ENGINE is the techno-coloured love child of Askii and touch me tiger

Electronic pop musician (with black glasses) does it with a Video Artist with a penchant for Hot Pink…

AND BANG, out of the PINK SPUNK from an egg does hatch…


Audio Visual Techno Pop Opera

MINK ENGINE do it for love

MINK ENGINE do it with futuristic style

MINK ENGINE do it on turbo

MINK ENGINE don’t compete

MINK ENGINE are original

MINK ENGINE is complete

Music - Pictures = MINK ENGINE

MINK ENGINE are set to turbo up the charts this summer! Born 2002 in an 8-mat tatami room in the colourful streets of Harajuku, Tokyo. MINK ENGINE burst onto the Japanese scene with headline gigs at Shibuya’s infamous Fashionista club VANITY. MINK ENGINE soon became affectionately known as the “Broken Glass Dancefloor Project” when over excited fans smashed countless champagne glasses to the beat!!

Australia 2004, MINK ENGINE played to packed out clubs, festivals, & parties in all capital cities. Highlights included a rammed live performance at The Closing Party for the Deaf Olympics, where the MINKERS proved they could even make the DEAF dance. Show after show where fans got thrown out because they were going Nuts! MINK ENGINE even stole the show at Falls Festival when billed in the same slot as Wolfmother…

Europe 2005 MINK ENGINE took their original and highly successful cut-and-paste art-show to über-crews at NAG NAG NAG (London), then on to entertain the massive crowds at FUSION FESTIVAL (Berlin). Back in Tokyo, MINK ENGINE had the crowds jumping on the beds that line the walls at the plush ORBIT club.

2007 MINK ENGINE established PINK SPUNK STUDIOS. New videos & trax feature their renown signature aesthetic for a killer DVD album releasing early 2008. 1000% GUARANTEED HOTT!

MINK ENGINE fires up a series of new releases with JOOGA on the new PINK SPUNK label. Come along with MINK ENGINE & let Satan (Not Happy Jan) lure you into an unorthodox but sure-fire fame & wealth program.

MINK ENGINE releases are available on PINK SPUNK through Juno Download

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