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After studying vocals at the Royal College of Music in London, Swiss artist Morgane Matteuzzi is working on a project in which she blends her spectacular operatic voice with vocal fry and electronic distortion techniques to create a very unique style of modern music. Morgane has always loved experimenting with extremes and blending sounds that one would not normally expect to be mixed to create truly alternate and vivid music.

In her latest project, Morgane was aiming to use her creativity and imagination to develop music that tells a story. In her new song, '' You don't care'' her objective was to convey the feelings people go through when being stuck in a toxic relationship. In this creation, you can not only experience the desperation that so many people feel being on a dark and endless journey to which there is no end, but also the sheer sense of relief when they realise that there is real hope and light at the end of the tunnel! To enhance the meaning of her song, Morgane has produced a video in which she alternates between darkness, light and colours to portray her own experiences in life when she faced periods of darkness but was then able to emerge to find positivity and hope.

Morgane suffers from a condition known as synesthesia that allows her to see music in colours and shapes. The colours and shapes she chooses for her visuals are connected to those that she sees when listening to her own musical creations so she can portray these to other listeners as an insight into her own special experience.

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