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If there is an underlying trait in all good music, it must be its ability to crush boundaries between genres, dancefloors and couches, twelve inches and YouTube clips. Enter Moullinex, from Munich, Germany, real name Luis Clara Gomes. Originally from Viseu, a small countryside town in Portugal, he was surrounded by music and musicians during childhood and since an early age has been solely dedicated to the pursuit of eclecticism throughout his work, refusing to adhere to a specific genre or scene and forever be tagged with a dated aesthetic. That being said, if there is a common quality between his productions, it must be the careful craft of melodies, strong degree of human touch in machine-based music, melodramatic catharsis of unpretentious keyboards, desperate guitars, striking basslines, and beats reminiscing from a not so distant dancefloor past.

Remix requests for artists such as Cut Copy, Sebastien Tellier, and labels such as Kitsuné, Modular, Gomma and Compost, have been pouring into his inbox ever since his first productions as Moullinex got out of the door. He's stepped into , , and , but declines to sit in any of these, both in his productions and DJ sets.

Between worldwide touring and constant studio work - and while refusing to give up a career in neurology and astronomy research - he also helped to found Discotexas, a record label and collective of artists from sunny Lisbon which curate a monthly night in Lux, one of the most sought-after clubs in Europe.

2009 culminated with Moullinex's signing to Gomma Records, for which he has been recording a full-length album. In a quest to avoid repetition of what he's done before, Luis invited friends to join his ranks, giving him a precious helping hand in shaping the sound. With this frame of mind, they have also been creating a live show, where fresh tracks are taken to a whole new level of interaction.

From sunny Portugal over to cold Munich, via Asia and America, Moullinex strives to take a bit of each place home to his music, finding similarities and contrasts in the most unusual things. Hear it for yourself.

Break Chops EP — 2008
Forbidden Cuts Vol I EP – 2010
Superman EP – 2010

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