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Narrow Head is an American rock band from Texas. The group was founded by vocalist Jacob Duarte in Dallas, but the band is now based in Houston.

The band formed in 2013 and released their debut album, Satisfaction, in 2016. By this time, the group's membership had coalesced into the trio of Jacob Duarte on vocals, William Menjivar on guitar, and Carson Wilcox on drums. In 2018, the group released the single "Bulma" and did a tour of the western United States. In 2020, Narrow Head signed with Run For Cover Records and released the singles "Night Tryst", "Stuttering Stanley, and "Hard to Swallow" in preparation for their sophomore album, 12th House Rock, which was released in August 2020.

Their current lineup consists of:

Jacob Duarte - vocals/guitar
Carson Wilcox - drums
William Menjivar - guitar
Ryan Chavez - bass
Kora Puckett - guitar

Their material can be found to be a genre-blend of grunge, shoegazing and alt-metal.

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  • Houston, Harris County, Texas, United States
  • Jacob Duarte William Menjivar

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