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There are 22 (and counting) acts named Nexus.

1. neXus was an electronica/dance artist located in Columbus, GA. Featuring hard hitting dance tracks, stunning progressive techno beats, and other interesting variations on the electronica genre. Using beats that normally would not fit, neXus finds a way to make them attractive and strangely alluring. neXus released his album at the end of 2010 successfully. Shortly thereafter, neXus's time on this earth came to a sudden somber end. neXus continues to live on through his works of art. His memory will be honored by forever keeping the music free and available to anyone who wants to listen. neXus (1982-2011)

2. Nexus is an Australian progressive/technical death metal band. They have released their first full-length, "The Paradise Complex" in 2009.

3. Nexus is a Czech melodic death/thrash metal. It has five members: Vilém Obrátil (v), Tadeáš Pešek (g), Dan Pešek (b), Honza Zbavitel (g) and Tomáš Melichar (d).

4. Nexus is a Croatian hardcore band.

5. Nexus is a Toronto-based percussion ensemble made up of percussionists Bob Becker, Bill Cahn, Robin Engleman, Russell Hartenberger, and Garry Kvistad. The group formed in 1971 with a concert of entirely improvised music. Nexus primarily performs contemporary classical music, though the group also performs world music and 1920s xylophone rags.

6. Nexus is a Ontario/Canada-based thrash metal band. They've changed their name to Profaner after releasing their first EP in 2008.

7. Nexus is an Estonian girl group trio.

8. Nexus is a group Lansdale, PA. They released their first full length album "A Year and a Half of Our Lives" in 2004.

9. Nexus is an American thrash/progressive metal band formed in 2001.

10. Nexus is a Romanian melodic heavy metal band.

11. Nexus is a metalcore band from Spain. They have released a demo in 2008.

12. Nexus was a heavy metal band from Netherlands formed in 1981, and split later after. They've released on full length, "Gonna Find Out", in 1982.

13. Nexus is a industrial/thrash metal band from Palermo, Italy. They have released a demo in 2005.

14. Nexus is a heavy metal band from Malmö, Sweden. They have released three demos until 2006.

15. Nexus is a symphonic/black metal band from Ukraine. They have released a demo in 2006.

16. Nexus was a Greek band formed from the ashes of gothic rock band Flowers of Romance. They have released the album The Beat Syndicate in 2005 on Cyberdelia records. The band have now changed their name to NewZeroGod.

17. Nexus is a rock band from Verona/Italy.

18. Nexus is a progressive rock from Argentina. It features female vocals and have released five albums until 2007.

19. Nexus is an Italian -band from Milano. See

20. Nexus was a rock band from Zaragoza, Spain. They released two albums: "Nexus" in 1995 and "Volver Atras" in "1999".

21. Nexus is from …??? (not a lot information about him). Genres: Ambient, Instrumental, Piano, Relax
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22. Nexus is a gothic/industrial metal band from Italy.

For the Portuguese electronic artist, please see N3XU5.

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