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Nothing is an American band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States formed in 2011 by Domenic Palermo. Previously, Palermo was the brains behind the early 2000's act Horror Show, which was put on hold in 2002 after Palermo was incarcerated for a stabbing that eventually led to a 2 year prison sentence. Upon his return, Palermo would take a lengthy hiatus from music. In 2011, Palermo released a demo tape entitled Poshlost / пошлость under the moniker Nothing. After several attempts at constructing a solid lineup for the band, Palermo met Brandon Setta. Setta would bring a lush, rich soundscape and a fresh approach to Palermo's vision for the band.

Setta and Palermo would handle the writing for the next release, a very rare 12" EP that was released on Japanese boutique label Big Love Records called Suns and Lovers. It was limited to 300 copies and the band's share was donated back to the label for a Tsunami Relief Charity.

The next release was the Downward Years to Come EP, which was recorded at the Rubber Tracks Studio in Brooklyn with Kyle "Slick" Johnson. The record was released by Baltimore Label A389 Records in November 2012. The record was written by Palermo and Setta. The concept behind Downward Years to Come was a dedication to several different poets who had taken their own lives.

Setta and Palermo would again head into the studio in 2013, this time with Jeff Zeigler at Uniform Recordings to write their first album and sign with Relapse Records. The debut album Guilty of Everything was released on March 4, 2014.

As a result of touring together, members of Nothing and the band Whirr formed a / side project called Death of Lovers. Nick Bassett, lead guitarist and songwriter of Whirr, joined Nothing as the bassist from 2014-2017. Aaron Heard is the current bassist for Nothing, joining the band in 2017.

Nothing released a Whirr / Nothing split November 17th, 2014 on Run for Cover Records. The second LP entitled Tired of Tomorrow was released May 13, 2016 on Relapse Records. The third LP Dance on the Blacktop was released August 24, 2018 on Relapse Records.

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NOTHING - Relapse

Current Members:
Domenic Palermo (ex-Horror Show, ex-XO Skeletons) - vocals, guitar
Brandon Setta - vocals, guitar
Kyle Kimball (Night Sins, Salvation, Mother of Mercy) - drums
Aaron Heard (Jesus Piece, Hell To Pay) - bass

Previous Members:
Chris Betts (Night Sins)
Michael Bachich (ex-Night Sins)
Richie Roxas (Pet Milk)
Anthony Rossi (Pet Milk)
Joshua Jancewicz
Ryan Grotz
Nick Bassett (Whirr, Camera Shy, ex-Deafheaven)

2011 Poshlost / пошлость (demo)
2012 Suns and Lovers (EP)
2012 Downward Years to Come (EP)
2013 Dig (single)
2014 Guilty of Everything (LP)
2014 In Metal (Low cover)
2014 Whirr / Nothing (split with Whirr)
2015 Whatever Nevermind (Something in the Way cover)
2016 Tired of Tomorrow (LP)
2018 Dance on the Blacktop (LP)

2) Nothing is a / / side-project of Jason William Walton (Agalloch, Especially Likely Sloth) with guest appearances from a few others on each new release.

Since the mid '90s they have released four albums, various compilation appearances and a few limited releases as well as a handful of live performances . Each release exploring a different theme, a different style and a different approach, and never being content with what they have achieved.

Becoming increasingly disillusioned with the experimental, noise and power electronics scene that Nothing found itself in, and after the Cobra-live-performance fiasco, Walton gave up on Nothing. In 2008 Walton said "2008 presents me with a new situation, and leaves me inspired. I am reinventing Nothing once again.."

3) Hungarian band. They are young persons but enthusiastic and have an 1 demo and an EP. In the steps of bands like Descendents, Dead Kennedys and some Bold. Sometimes you can discover elements in the guitar sound.

You can download their new EP from here:

4) Nothing is a band from Melbourne, Australia.

5) Nothing is the name of a Russian producer, with releases on Kinematic, Step 2 Zero and TAM.

6) Nothing is a Swedish band.

7) Polish band from Kraków.

8) Nothing was a band from Houston, Texas.

9) Nothing is a band from Richmond, Virginia. Their debut album 'Beneath The Skin' was released locally in 1999, with many subsequent tracks posted online.

10) Nothing is a 90's Spanish band from Zaragoza.

11) Nothing are a cheesy band from Hertford.

Why we exist… there is hope out there. We're stuck in a Social Psycle world of orange dumb arse teenage girls that drink stupid amounts, puke it all over the streets then f**kin' Facebook it. We're lost in a Social Psycle world where a musician is now defined as a dude who smacks some keys on his £1000 Apple Mac.

Influences: Alkaline Trio, Zebrahead, NOFX, The Offspring, Brand New, Sugarcult, The Ataris Less Than Jake, Yellowcard, Sprung Monkey.

Check out their music at: /


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