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NOTE: There are at least 2 known artists by this name – a Glasgow singer of the Postcard Records label, and a Yorkshire guitarist of the heavy metal band Saxon.

1. Glasgow singer Paul Quinn first emerged in the late '70s as a member of the influential Postcard Records scene. SEE ALSO: Most of Paul Quinn's own material was released under the band Paul Quinn & The Independent Group. Read below for more details on his careers and the bands he has been a member of:

With longtime friends Edwyn Collins and Alan Horne (founder of Postcard Records), Paul was a member of Orange Juice, where his deep voice was distinctive even in supporting roles.

Quinn's arresting, resonant vocals have been described as somewhere between Scott Walker and David Bowie. In addition to Orange Juice, Quinn also sang with the Jazzateers, Vince Clarke of Erasure, and provided various other guest and support performances, as well as a smattering of related singles and EPs. He also led the short-lived Bourgie Bourgie. With each new endeavor, critical success seemed always tantalizingly near at hand, yet remained out of reach.

By 1985, Quinn was ready to record his solo debut, but became mired in contractual disputes that prevented him from recording until the early 1990s. Finally in 1992, Alan Horne revived Postcard Records to release Quinn's debut album, "The Phantoms & The Archetypes," by Paul Quinn & The Independent Group. His second album, "Will I Ever Be Inside Of You", was released in 1994. In 1995, Quinn released an EP entitled "Pregnant With Promise," backed by the band The Nectarine No. 9.

Unfortunately, Quinn has remained silent, and much missed, since then.

2. Paul Quinn (born Paul Anthony Quinn, December 26, 1951, Barnsley, West Riding of Yorkshire) is an English guitarist, and the founding member of the heavy metal band Saxon. Other than Biff Byford, Quinn is the only remaining member of Saxon's original line up, and is present on every Saxon release. Quinn is also a songwriter, contributing to every Saxon album.

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