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Mike Hadreas, also known as Perfume Genius is a singer/songwriter from Seattle, Washington, US. Perfume Genius began when he moved from New York to his mother's home in Everett, WA. In these relatively isolated conditions, Hadreas felt a compulsion to make music and began composing fragile yet brutally honest songs on the piano. By 2008 he had set up a MySpace page and began offering his music there, along with similarly spare and evocative homemade music videos. Turnstile released the single Mr. Peterson – the tale of a suicidal, pedophile high-school teacher – in 2009. Perfume Genius' full-length debut, Learning, which presented its tracks in the order in which they were recorded, arrived and released on June 21, 2010.

Top Tracks
1) Queen
6) Hood
8) Jason
12) Fool
13) Alan
18) Valley
20) Grid
22) No Tear
25) 17

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