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Phoebe Ryan (born 1990 in Texas) is an American singer, songwriter & actress. She grew up in Northern New Jersey basically studying engineering, production and business, but for her dreams to be a musician she moved out to L.A. and studied at Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU. Ryan explains, "I was really hesitant about going out and doing the artist thing. It would come in cycles – I'd be like, I want to be an artist! No, I just want to be a songwriter! Once I got to my senior year, I was like, I should just do both. Why can't I just be like a Sia and just make everything happen all at once?".

By the time Ryan graduated from NYU in December 2013, she had notebooks filled with various writings, including what she describes as "long short stories and long-winded randomness." She wrote "Mine" last June, after heading to Nashville to work with producer/songwriter Kyle Shearer (Tove Lo, Augustana) and latching onto the phrase "gold in the wreckage," which she had discovered jotted down in one of her many notebooks.

Phoebe Ryan caught the attention of the music blogosphere on the time when she started releasing various kind of remixes & covers of famous singer such as R.Kelly, Miguel & Kesha. But it is not much as it was after release of her own first single "Mine" in late January of 2015. "I feel like I've been waiting forever and ever to put out my own music, to make it official," Ryan tells Billboard. "And now everything's starting to get super real. One of my favorite songs I've ever written is now out in the world. And people seem to like it!"

Later on Ryan released her first debut EP "Mine" on 9 June 2015. Ryan says that she and her small team is "trying to get this thing off the ground before even thinking about such nonsense as a record label," but firmly believes that her goals will be achieved. But, later on she was owned by Columbia Records.

"There are times in my life where I'm doubtful, but I feel it in my heart that something's supposed to happen that's going to be wonderful," she says. "I'm just too optimistic, really."

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