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There are several artists by this name. Here are bios for three:

1) Piggy is a porno/goregrind band from Santiago, Chile. Made a summer full of beer and marijuana by its founders Pedro Checoleso & Ricardo Mc 'fly. Which at first Zorriacis and Bola2 be called, but eventually to integrate more member, remain definitive name Piggy. Influenced by European noise Porn / Gore / Grind / Punk (Czech Rep., Poland), along with bizarre Latin touches, the band was forming its own sound, called PORCOGORE (nickname given by Brazilian Gore's Titans Of Grind festival 2015) Current mind the band consists of seven pigs: Vocals: Septicemia & Felipe Francisco SinOrbita Guitars: Pedro Checoleso & Juan Pablo Petaka Bass: Alejandro Esv Drum: Ricardo Mc 'fly Sampler: Dr. Luchancho

2) Piggy are a hardcore punk band from Melbourne, Australia. They formed in late 2008 when Stoke-a-hontas (Tailbone, Pillow) approached Farmwalker (The Record Boys) and said ‘hey man do you want to start a band’ to which Farmwalker replied ‘yes’. It was soon after that Creamy (Stash, The Palenecks, Swidgen) joined to complete the three piece. With precision drumming, chunky guitar, punchy bass and an onslaught of in your face vocals, Piggy have a sound to be reckoned with. Piggy has released a 12 track album Bee's Dick which is available at all shows. As a strange woman was once overheard saying after a show… ‘No one is as good at taking the piss as piggy’.

3) Piggy is a Canadian punk rock band featuring Izzy Gibson on vocals, Ron Reyes on guitar, Lisafurr Lloyd on bass, and Craig Mckimm on drums. Piggy is "pure undignified pulsating raw power sensuous Punk Rock and Pop infected bliss."
Izzy Gibson (Blood Alley, Living Deadbeats, AK-747s), Lisafurr Lloyd (JP5, East Vamps), Craig McKimm (Econoline Crush, Moist, Little Guitar Army), Ron Reyes (Black Flag, Redd Kross, Crash Bang Crunch Pop)

4) Piggy was an anarchist ska ensemble from Halifax active circa 2000.

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