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1) I am Randy Scott Marsh, the drummer with organissimo, an unfortunately now defunct trio after almost 10 years together. Because I share the same name as the south park character you'll need to include my middle name.

I was born July 7, 1951 in Grand Rapids, Mi. My father Arno Marsh is a west tenor sax legend currently living in Las Vegas. I have recorded and toured with Jimmy "Night Train" Forrest, Shirley Scott, Jessica Williams, Jack McDuff, Rick Margitza, Rodney Whittaker, Vic Juris, Corey Christenson, among many others. I also am noted for my jazz & blues harmonica playing.

Organissimo has 4 CDs available on Big O records. All 4 are still available if you don't have them all.

2) Hardcore band from Czech Republic. Starting with Old roots of blooming garden (2014) EP.


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