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ReVamp was a dutch metal band lead by After Forever ex-vocalist Floor Jansen, and was formed after the break-up of the band in 2009 in Limburg, Netherlands. Its current lineup consists of Floor Jansen as singer, Ruben Wijga on the keyboards, Jord Otto on the guitars (and occasionally singing), Matthias Landes on the drums, Arjan Rijnen on the guitars and Henk Vonk, who replaced Jaap Melman, on the bass.

Floor collaborated with Waldemar Sorychta (Grip Inc. and Enemy of the Sun) and After Forever colleague Joost van den Broek (keyboards and arrangements) to write their debut album, ReVamp, which was released in May 2010 by Nuclear Blast Records. They also colaborated with the drummer Koen Herfst (I Chaos, Xenobia and Dew-Scented). ReVamp's debut album studio lineup consisted of Floor Jansen (singer and songwriter), Joost van den Broek (keyboards, songwriting and production), Waldemar Sorychta (guitars, bass, songwriting and produtcion) and Koen Herfst (drums).

Floor announced that they were on hiatus in 2015, due to her commitments with Nightwish. She has said that she is unsure if the band will ever return.

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  • 2009 – 2016 (7 years)
  • Limburg, Netherlands
  • Floor Jansen (2009 – 2016)
    Jord Otto (2010 – 2016)

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