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RISE OF AVERNUS are a doom metal five piece from Sydney, Australia. The brainchild of guitarist / vocalist Ben Vanvollenhoven (Ex-STODOWA) and vocalist / keyboardist, Catherine Guirguis (KATABASIS, Ex-BLACK HORIZON), the music is based around the incongruent, yet complimentary combination of Guirguis’ classically inspired piano melodies and Vanvollenhoven’s monolithic riffs. Through their duelling vocal personas, Guirguis and Vanvollenhoven explore dark, poignant themes with impassioned arrangements and a unique down tempo theatricality. RISE OF AVERNUS weave an atmospheric journey that sweeps the listener into a rapture of enchanting sombre beauty and crushing metal crescendos. Recent additions to the band are journeyman drummer, Andrew Craig (KATABASIS, ex-HEMINA, ex-NEVETHERYM), Second guitarist Matthew Bell (TROLDHAUGEN) and Bassist Daniel Warrington (D.E.A.D ex HAVOC) who has previously played within such genres as hard rock, metal, funk fusion, acid jazz.

RISE OF AVERNUS’ debut, self-titled 3 track EP was officially released on 13th March 2012, Mixed and Mastered by Ryan Huthnance (THE SEER/MORTAL SIN). The EP features three engrossing epic doom metal tracks. Lead track, “Beneath the Frozen Hand of Time”, features vocal contributions from Marc Grewe, front man of the legendary German death metal group, MORGOTH. Grewe has most recently joined forces with Silenoz of DIMMU BORGIR to form INSIDIOUS DISEASE. Grewe’s vocals were generously recorded while visiting Australia last year.

RISE OF AVERNUS are currently playing the first leg of an Australian tour with a full-length album scheduled for release November 2012.

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