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Roald van Oosten is a Dutch singer, songwriter and musician based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Perhaps best known as the frontman of indie rock outfit, Caesar (1994-2008), one of Holland's most popular indie bands in their day, peaking around 1998-2000. They released four studio albums, two EPs and a compilation of rarities. They toured internationally.

During Caesar's final years Van Oosten recorded an album with a new group named Ghost Trucker (2006), but a follow-up never materialized. Van Oosten spent years writing music for theatre groups ('t Barre Land, De Warme Winkel and others), film ('Greenland'), documentaries ('We Are 18', 'The Wild West' and more) and television productions ('De Grens' for VPRO).

March 2016 saw the release of Van Oosten's first album under his own name: Oh Dark Hundred, for which Bart Hoevenaars (guitar, vocals), Frank van Roessel (bass) en Dave Menkehorst & Bo Koek (drums) were the backing band.

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