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There are at least 13 artists called Samurai.

1) A chrome rock band featured throughout Mike Pondsmith’s Cyberpunk series for whom music was a way to rebel and fight the system. They feature heavily in the Cyberpunk 2077 video game, where they are portrayed by real life Swedish punk band Refused.
Main members
Johnny Silverhand - vocals and lead/rhythm guitar (2003 - 2008)
Kerry Eurodyne - vocals and lead/rhythm guitar (2003 - 2008, 2077)
Nancy Hartley - keyboard (2003 - 2008, 2077)
Denny - drums (2003 - 2008, 2077 dependent)
Henry - bass (2003 - 2008, 2077 dependent)

2) NWOBHM band formed in 1980 in United Kingdom (Merthyr Tydfil, Wales).

Last line-up:
Len Williams – vocals
Craig Ridsdale – guitar
Huw Lewis – guitar
Neil Rogers – bass
Michael Davis – drums

Sacred Blade (1984)
Weapon Master (1986)

3) A hardcore rave DJ from Alaska, who is a part of Knounterstrike productions. He is popular around the Orange Country/Los Angeles California area for his ability to get crowd hyped up on any night of a party.

4) () is an Japanese hard/prog/psych rock band which moved to Britain in the late 60s, and got a contract with Philips. They were also joined by several British members and released a couple of albums – Samurai / Green Tea in 1970 and Kappa in 1971.

5) A British 70s progressive rock band. Formerly known as Web, then changed their name to Samurai for their final album. Featured vocalist/keyboardist Dave Lawson, who would soon after join Greenslade.

6) An NWOBHM band from UK, which released only four tracks on Roksnax compilation (1980).

7) Portuguese band that released a record under the same name in 1987.

8) Swiss Hip-hop musician. He started his carrer as underground artist with his crew oibel troibel including members: Rokator, Samurai, Stern eis. 2000 they released the album roirschachttescht. Today 2007 the crew is inactive since years.

9) Trance band with Dirk Adamiak, Hendrik Wilhelms and Stefan Müller. They released only a single: Tanzen (…Die Ganze Nacht).

10) Croatian rock band best known for their song “Ajmo Hrvatska” a song for the Croatian national football team.

11) Malaysian thrash metal band.

12) Romanian hip-hop artist from Constanta. Currently signed to Paranoia13 Records.

13) Argentinian stoner rock band. They released one free album in 2011 called Todo El Odio Del Unicornio, drawing influences from Kyuss to Los Natas to Ahkmed to Viaje a 800.

BAND’S WORDS: We’ve been playing since 2009 as three piece band (guitar, bass, drum). We love jamming, so all songs come like this. In April 2011, we talk to Juan Manuel Diaz, who is the guitar-singer of the band Humo del Cairo (Meteorcity). He accept to be our producer, so we travel to Buenos Aires to start the first studio experience. We record all the tracks in two days. In June, we get the final CD version “Todo el Odio del Unicornio” with 9 songs all of them by SAMURAI, no covers. Now the complete CD version with the art cover is done.


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