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Scott Matthews (born 15 January 1976) is a singer-songwriter from Wolverhampton, England. His first album Passing Stranger was released in 2006.

At seven years old Matthews aquired his first guitar, a junior-sized 'Kapok' acoustic (which he still has), although things didn’t quite go to plan. It became neglected very early on as the box it came in was shaped like a coffin and therefore scared the hell out of him every time he went near it! For a brief period he moved on to drums, but soon hit his last snare due to the noise factor in the house becoming increasingly unbearable. It all changed when on his eleventh birthday he asked for an electric guitar. His dad duly obliged and brought him a £25 'Kay' guitar complete with a bunch of old records acquired from a relative. Amongst those records was Smash Hits by Jimi Hendrix. This rekindled Matthew's interest in music and he has been playing ever since.

Matthews' inspiration has been drawn from iconic musicians such as The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Joni Mitchell, Marc Bolan, and Joe Satriani. His first real venture into writing music was with his brother Darren, who plays piano and keyboards, delving into the world of instrumental rock. His colourful musical past led him into prior experimentations with funk, indie/rock and soul. His later band Positive Firefly was his first foray into the role of singer/guitarist. With the determination to no longer be pigeonholed as such he left his role of a band member behind and emerged as a solo artist. However, these past experiences laid the foundations for his own unique fusion of folk, and blues rock to materialise.

Matthews first made waves in 2006 with his award winning debut ‘Passing Stranger’, which was followed by ‘Elsewhere’ (2009) and ‘What The Night Delivers’ (2011). Matthews has toured extensively including shows with Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, Foo Fighters and Snow Patrol.

He has received plaudits from all corners including Q magazine who said he was “The most promising home-grown singer/songwriter to emerge in years”, and The Sun saying that ‘It’s no exaggeration to say Scott Matthews is probably the most exciting face of West Midlands Music since Robert Plant’.

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