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Known most recently for his work with the band Agalloch, guitarist and songwriter Don Anderson’s most personal musical expression remains Sculptured. Beginning in 1996 Sculptured released the three-song demo Fulfillment in Tragedy, followed by their debut The Spear of the Lily is Aureoled in 1998 (The End Records.) On their sophomore release, Apollo Ends (The End Records) the band stripped down their sound and took a more harmonically complex approach to songwriting. This album included a revamped line-up with John Haughm (drums, Agalloch) and Jason Walton (bass, Agalloch, Especially Likely Sloth, Nothing). Shortly after the recording of Apollo Ends the band recorded a cover of the main theme from the Dario Argento film Suspiria to be included on a Goblin tribute CD. Unfortunately, this release never saw the light of day and the final track was included as an exclusive track on Phases, an End Records compilation.

Many years passed while Anderson worked closely with Agalloch recording a collection of releases and performing live with the group. Following the recording of the most recent Agalloch full length album Ashes Against the Grain (The End Records), Anderson completed five new songs for the third full length Sculptured album entitled Embodiment. Assisting Anderson this time were returning bassist Jason Walton (Agalloch), and new recruits Dave Murray (drums, Estradasphere, the Deserts of Traun, Tholus), Andy Winter (Winds, Age of Silence) and vocalist Tom Walling. Embodiment greatly expands on the musical vocabulary established on Apollo Ends. The album has exceeded the band’s expectations and promises to be a rewarding and engaging listening experience. Look for Embodiment from The End Records in the near future.

Sculptured discography:

Fulfillment in Tragedy self-released demo
…Until the End of Time: An End Records Compilation The End Records, 1998
The Spear of the Lily is Aureoled The End Records, 1998
Maiden America: Iron Maiden Tribute 2CD Twilight Records, 1998
White: Nightmares in the End: An End Records Compilation The End Records, 1999
Apollo Ends The End Records, 2000
Phases: the Dark Side of Music: An End Records Compilation The End Records, 2002
Embodiment The End Records, 2007

Don Anderson non-Sculptured discography

Pale Folklore The End Records, 1999
Of Stone, Wind, and Pillor The End Records, 2001
Sol Lucet Ombibus: A Tribute to Sol Invictus Cynfeirdd 2002
The Mantle The End Records, 2002
Tomorrow Will Never Come 7” EP The End Records, 2003
The Grey EP Vendlus Records, 2004
The Wolves of Timberline 10” EP The End Records, 2004
Ashes Against the Grain CD The End Records, 2006

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Agalloch, Especially Likely Sloth, Nothing, Estradasphere, the Deserts of Traun, Tholus, Winds, Age of Silence

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