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Shockabilly was a band which couldn't be "genre-fied" and which included guitarist/vocalist Eugene Chadbourne, and Shimmy Disc founder Mark Kramer(known more commonly as simply Kramer) on vocals and bass, "cheap organ" and other instruments. Shimmy alum David Licht handled percussions. Licht played on many Shimmy projects during the 80's and early 90s when the label folded due to the breakup of Kramer's band Bongwater and the subsequent lawsuit over royalty disputes with former partner Ann Magnuson. Kramer and Chadbourne also split for for royalty dispute and creative differences. Kramer once called Chadbourne "the second best guitar player in rock history behind Jimi Hendrix…"

Shockabilly released three studio albums during their brief existence (1982-1985) and a live album in 2001 as well as re-masters on Kramer's Second Shimmy label in 2008 . The albums Vietnam and Heaven were later re-released as one album. The album The Ghost of Shockabilly is out of print and highly sought after by some music collectors.

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  • 1982 – 1985 (3 years)
  • David Licht Eugene Chadbourne Kramer

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