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Sky Sailing is a side project of Adam Young, the artist behind Owl City, Port Blue, Color Therapy, Insect Airport, and Seagull Orchestra. The songs on the album, An Airplane Carried Me To Bed, were written before he started Owl City.

The debut album An Airplane Carried Me To Bed is a step into the past, the documented account of a shy boy from Minnesota with more hopes and dreams than he knew what to do with. When you listen to this record, you can hear naivety, innocence, inexperience and the wide-eyed imaginings of a wishful thinker.
It is both light and dark, optimistic and melancholy. Unpolished and dusty, it is an antique and therefore holds a truly unique and graceful aesthetic within. Though there has always been just one artist behind the music….before there was Owl City there was Sky Sailing.

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