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Rich collages of ambient, dreams and electronic hardware. The Copenhagen-based composer Sofie Birch recalls blissful melodies and synth tones within swirling harmonies that subtle softens the ear.

Ever since she released her first cassette EP Sketchy Commodity in 2017 on the Danish imprint Infinite Waves, she has sounded like an artist of dreams. Her debut album Doldreams continues her style of sensibilities with her experimental streak. With a soundscape of flourishing strings, soft vocal, chimes, birds, creaks and a lingering synth line paving her way through organic symphonies.

Educated with a bachelor degree in sound design, she has studied the structure of sounds despite this her live performances are just as much improvised as they are structured. Often in simple constellations where one improvised melody sequence evolves into new sequences creating dynamic waves of ambiances. Through this, she reacts with the impulses from her listeners and this is expressed with orchestral grandeur in order to create a peaceful space between spiritual and secular realms.

Sofie Birch’s work can be compared to that of a collagist, dutifully assembling her influences and inspirations into dreamy yet coherent compositions. It places Sofie Birch somewhere between ambient and experimental terrain which her musicianship leaves her well equipped

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