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Speed 78 is the blues and folk moniker of Dutch musician and songwrtiter, Don van Dongen. The band's style can be desribed as a slightly psychedelic brand of folk with rich arrangements and a lo-fi sound indie rock sound.

The first Speed 78 album, Skiffle (1998), came out thru Excelsior Recordings. Van Dongen played acoustic guitars, banjo and harmonica. He was joined by Maarten Heijblok (bass), Cor van Ingen (bass), Jeroen Kleijn (drums) and Anne Soldaat (electric guitars). The album featured original songs written by Van Dongen as well as some renditions of old blues and folk songs, re-arranged by Van Dongen.

For more than twenty years the Speed 78 record seemed to be a one-off. Fast forward to 2019 and… Van Dongen's back. The second Speed 78 is entitled Goom Agar and set for an August 2019 release on Excelsior Recordings.