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Spider Goat Canyon was formed in March 2003 in Melbourne Australia and features Josh Beagley on Bass and Deryck Hunt on Drums. Steve Brick played guitar from formation until November 2012. Heading into it's second decade the band is looking to become more experimental in it's approach and remains very open to collaboration and guest players. No two Spider Goat Canyon show's are ever the same.

Collaborations and Guest players so far have featured Vocals by Hidekazu Harada from Osaka's Ryokuchi. Vocals by Aviva Campbell. Vocals by Miki Tsunemoto of Snow Leopard. Keyboards by Simon Tate. Drums by Jem Maloney and Bass by Patto Millman of Fire Witch, Drums by Ben Wrecker and Guitar by Toby Matthews of Hotel Wrecking City Traders. Koto by Shibata of Birushanah/Teratova. Drums by Tosai of Teratova/Low Watt Gurgler. Guitar by Tetsuya Fukuda Knelt/Low Watt Gurgler. Guitar by Del Spence and Bass by Steve King of Dr Invisiablo.

During it's time Spider Goat Canyon have independently released several recordings. (2004) Shades Of Joy, (2004) Sub Monster Attack!!! Split with Fire Witch, (2006) The Window Wizard, (2007) Cacophonic, (2007) Jazzilla, (2008) Excursions Through Chaos - (2010) Screaming Sisters, (2012) Hotel Wrecking City Traders - Spider Goat Canyon Japan tour Split CD and (2015) Moments In Time 2003 - 2013 Compilation I.

Also in this time Spider Goat Canyon have toured Sydney, Adelaide, Bendigo, Ballarat, Fish Creek, Warnambool, Newcastle, Batemans Bay, Wombarra, Wollongong, Gold Coast - Brisbane in Australia. Wellington and Auckland in New Zealand and Tokyo, Hamamatsu, Kobe, Kyoto, Nagoya, Takamatsu, Ehime, Kochi and Osaka in Japan.
Spider Goat Canyon were very stoked to be awarded a Victoria Arts Government grant which helped fund part of the first of three tours to Japan in 2007.

Bits on the side include several improvised outfits namely Goat Witch, Daggers Mid Flight and Computer Dying and a Black Metal Band called The Ninth Path featuring Steve and Josh.

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