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Stemage is Grant Henry, a song-writer and arranger from North Carolina. His most notable work is the band Metroid Metal, whose official website is (although he also released most of these songs as solo recordings under the name of Stemage. Note that despite's redirect, Metroid Metal is a separate artist, being a band consisting of five people, not just Stemage).

Stemage's original work is a combination of pop, metal, and 90's influenced rock. In 2006, he released Strati, a collection of original compositions with vocals.

On January 16, 2011, Stemage released his first video game soundtrack, for the Xbox Live Indie game, Alpha Squad.

Stemage has also released a new original album in August 2011, which contains new songs such as "Three Minutes", "Shut Up and Listen", and "Ground Pink".

His Bandcamp site can be found here, and Metroid Metal's is here.

Main discography:
2004 - Metroid Metal
2006 - Strait
2011 - Alpha Squad
2011 - Zero Over Zero
2011 - Frets of Valmar: Grandia II
2012 - Where Good Marbles Go to Die
2013 - Priority One: The Music of Tron
2016 - Narrowband
2017 - Retrogression: Vol.1

Metroid Metal discography:
2009 - Varia Suite
2010 - Expansion Pack (EP)
2014 - Other Album

Metroid Metal also has an anthology entitled Game of the Year, which compiles Varia Suite and Expansion Pack into a single package. Its release date is unclear. The band's complete lineup is Stemage (Grant Henry, guitar), danimal (Dan Behrens, guitar), Kirby Pufocia (Micheal Molnar, guitar), chunkstyle (Dan Taylor, bass), and Cheddar (Kevin Lawrence, drums).

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