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Funhouse For Fiends, the sophomore EP from New York’s Swimclub continues their exploration of American outsider pop. From nuggets inspired 60’s rock to indie pop balladry of the 80’s and 90’s the band links it all seamlessly on one disc. Funhouse For Fiends provides songwriters Greg Adams (guitar) and Gene Davenport (bass) the opportunity to play off each other as well, with alternating stories that lure the listener into a world that is at times melancholy but also slyly comical. Moving on from the stripped down 60’s and 70’s garage rock and lo fi production of their eponymous debut, the new EP’s polished yet bristling pop evokes the soundtrack to some alternate universe prom from which everyone goes home alone.

The band:
Swimclub is a New York based indie pop band composed of Greg Adams (vocals, guitar), Gene Davenport (vocals, bass), Jim Davenport (guitar) and Kevin Bryant (drums).

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