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Strange reminders of unseen, cryptic realms. Those surreal, magical dreams you wish you'd never awaken from. Nostalgic, awestruck flashbacks. Travelling through space on acid. Standing on the edge of the chaotic, insane, abyss. . The soundtrack of a fallen angel longing to escape the hell of Earth. Bizarre atmospheres of abstract uncertainty.
The solo outlet for Gregory James Nelson (born 03/30/85), experimental guitarist and producer of the groups The 5th Plateau & God Generator. While continuing the use of improvisation and lo-fi recording, unlike T5P & GG, TOV is able to incorporate multiple tracks and looping to create his own sound, which often contains elements of a dark, psychedelic, and mysterious nature.
All can be downloaded free here on LastFm and a bandcamp site was created after the first 3 releases,
If you're interested in the artist's artwork visit

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