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Thad Fiscella
Piano Style: Contemporary/Neoclassical. Thad’s music is often compared to the music of Jim Brickman, George Winston, or David Nevue.

Many people describe Thad’s award winning music as inspiring instrumental music from the heart that is simple, peaceful and passionate; music that fits your life. Originally from Ottumwa Iowa, Thad currently lives in Missouri, and is married with three beautiful children. He has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and a Degree in Music. Thad has been writing and composing music from an early age and grew up listening and studying classical music which typically resounds some way in his music. Thad studied piano, violin, guitar, trumpet, and percussion throughout his school years, and is currently focused on the piano and digital instruments. He is also a dedicated youth pastor and worship leader whose passion is to serve the Lord. He currently has five CDs released which includes Grand Design, Vast, Love Without Words, The Road Home and Impromptus, Vol. 1. Thad's music is inspired by his life, family, and relationship with the Lord, and is intended for background music, or for times of meditation and relaxation. His music has been played all over the world in daycares, spas, retail stores, and business offices, during art shows, dinner parties, banquets, and weddings.

Thad’s music has been reviewed by Mainly Piano Publications and described as “music that blends a wealth of experience with deep emotion, creating a distinctive sound that is accessible to all yet complex enough for a more discerning ear, “very calming and uplifting”, “deeply emotional musical soliloquy where only heartfelt truths are spoken – stunning”! Vast was rated one of the best CDs for relaxation of 2009. In 2006 Thad joined Whisperings Solo Piano Radio which has been rated the #1 radio station on the internet for solo piano, and also includes legendary piano artists, David Lanz, Robin Spielberg, Suzanne Ciani, David Nevue, Wayne Gratz, and Michael Dulin, and has since joined Radio, Pandora Radio, Radio, GotRadio, and Enlightened Piano Radio. In 2009, Thad won Best Music for Animation at the Swan Lake Moving Images and Music Awards for his song Gentle Whisper off the album Vast, and was nominated again in 2010 for his song Forever (The Proposal). In 2011 Thad joined Hobby Lobby’s Audio Ambience Series, making his music readily available for purchase in over 40 states and 500 stores nation wide! More recently Thad’s newest album The Road Home, was nominated for Whisperings Solo Piano Album of the Year 2012, was selected as a album of the year 2012, and his song First Dance off of the same album was nominated for a Hollywood Music and Media Award. Thad’s song Beauty of Grace from the album The Road Home was also nominated in 2013 for a Hollywood Music and Media Award. For professional award winning instrumental music look no further than the music of Thad Fiscella.

The Road Home is pianist/composer Thad Fiscella’s fifth CD to date, and this time he has added strings to a few of the fourteen original pieces. A youth pastor and the father of three children, Fiscella’s music is designed for meditation, relaxation, and to soothe the soul. His graceful melodies come from a place deep within, expressing passion, love, and life experiences that are both personal and universal. The gentle themes make lovely background music, but are complex enough for more careful listening to savor the nuances as well as the beauty of each piece. Fiscella is a classically-trained pianist, and his music reflects that influence as well as that of the church music he is very involved in, blending to create a contemporary piano style that crosses into several genres.

The Road Home begins with “Surrey Hills,” a piece that evokes images of tall grasses moving to the rhythms of a gentle breeze - very peaceful and warm. “Together Again” is a tender love song that goes right to the heart. Very slow and simple, there is a tremendous amount of passion in the depths of this piece - a favorite. “Orchard Skies” is another favorite and makes me think of lying on the ground and looking up at the sky through a canopy of leaves, watching the light dance as the leaves move. “Beauty of Grace” is the first of the songs for piano and strings (including cello which gives the strings a full, rich sound), and would be lovely in a film soundtrack. “Annie’s Song” is a very sweet, uncomplicated piece that overflows with love. “Evening Song” is possibly my favorite track (I can’t decide - a good thing!). A simple melody is played over a lively and flowing accompaniment in the first theme, becoming very serene and quiet in the second, returning to the first theme in the third section, and then fading into peaceful dreams at the end - a great piece! “Yesteryear” is a nostalgic look back on fond, bittersweet memories - graceful and poignant. “First Dance” has been nominated for the Hollywood Music and Media Awards. An ensemble piece for piano and strings, it conveys the deep feelings of new love - another great movie piece! “At The Cross” closes the album with a simple, heartfelt hymn that expresses deep reverence, devotion, and peace.The Road Home is a beauty that shows Thad Fiscella maturing into a very exceptional artist. It is available from, Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby. Recommended!

An impressive debut!
author: Kathy Parsons
“Grand Design” is the first full-length CD by pianist/composer Thad Fiscella. Quiet and reflective, the music relies more on emotional depth than pianistic flash, making it an excellent choice for background music as well as for active listening. I really enjoyed listening to it while driving from California to Oregon a few weeks ago - very calming and uplifting. The CD opens with “Letters of Grace,” a piece that reminds me of David Nevue in places. A bit more energetic than some of the tracks, the feeling is lighthearted and optimistic. “Close to Home” conveys warmth and deep contentment - very peaceful and comfortable. “Remember Me” is a favorite. Somewhat nostalgic and bittersweet, a strong sense of longing pours out of every note and phrase. Fiscella’s use of rubato is especially effective here, making the piece sound very spontaneous and sincere. “Longing For Emma” is another beauty. The gentle rhythm and occasional pauses make it sound almost conversational. “My Eve” has a lovely, dreamy flow that is both evocative and soothing. “Reed’s Song” is full of innocence and playfulness, a love song for a child. The title track also reminds me of David Nevue in places. Its subtle energy is infectious, and then the piece pulls back to a more thoughtful space, and then alternates between lively and reflective - a fascinating piece! “Mother’s Love” is full of grace, comfort, and warmth - something like a long musical embrace. “With Love” concludes the album with a simple, tender “so long.” “Grand Design” is a very enjoyable debut, and shows great promise for Thad Fiscella. Check it out!

Author: Kathy Parsons “Vast” is pianist/composer Thad Fiscella’s solo piano follow-up to his debut, “Grand Design,” and what a beautiful second album it is! Created with relaxation and meditation in mind, Fiscella’s music becomes a musical massage for the spirit without ever becoming simplistic or resorting to ear candy. A composer from a young age with a solid background in classical music, Fiscella blends a wealth of experience with deep emotion, creating a distinctive sound that is accessible to all yet complex enough for a more discerning ear. “Vast” begins with “Adorn,” a sunny, upbeat piece with a gentle energy that sets the tone for the album. “Angel Kisses” is sweet and tender, overflowing with love. “Ivory Hymn” has a quiet, pensive grace that captivates as it soothes. “Gentle Whisper” is one of my favorites. A bit less structured than some of the pieces, it seems to flow from deep within - reflective yet comforting. “Evenscene” has a gentle motion underlying a soft-spoken melody - another beauty! “Opalescence” is more free-form, shimmering in the light as the title implies - graceful and elegant. “Child In My Arms” is my favorite on this album. A sense of joy mixed with the awe one feels while holding an innocent child comes through the tender notes of the music. I’m reminded of Debussy’s approach to playing the piano as though it has no hammers - Fiscella has that kind of velvet touch. My other favorite is the closing track, “When Leaves Fall.” Wistful and melancholy, this is a deeply emotional musical soliloquy where only heartfelt truths are spoken - stunning! “Vast” could very well be on my Favorites list for 2009. I give it my highest recommendation for solo piano music for relaxation - it’s a beauty!

Author- Kathy Parsons/
Love Without Words is Thad Fiscella’s third solo piano album of original compositions, and what a delight it is! Inspired by the love of family and friends as well as cherished memories of time spent with them, this album overflows with warmth, joy, and spiritual peace. A husband (for ten years!) and the father of three children, Fiscella’s love for and devotion to his family really sings throughout this music. A pianist who grew up studying classical music, he also played violin, guitar and percussion throughout his school years. Fiscella’s understanding of a variety of instruments and musical styles is readily apparent in his original music. He is also a youth pastor and worship leader, and brings a deep sincerity and humility to his musical style. His original intention was to compose background music or music for meditation or relaxation - especially for his three young children - so the music has a gentle, peaceful flow, but his touch and the pieces are so beautiful that the music really deserves to be listened to with full attention. Love Without Words opens with “Lovely (Laura’s Song),” composed for Fiscella’s wife. Tender yet strong with a gentle grace, it’s a gorgeous love song. “Forever (The Proposal)” is another beauty. It begins very quietly, almost tentatively, but gradually gains more confidence and passion - a favorite! I love the lightly percussive right hand against the flowing left hand in “New Rain.” Dreamy, reflective, and very soothing. I also really love the passionate “Devotion.” A bit darker (in a minor key), this one comes from the depths of the soul. “Mayapple Road” has the sunny warmth and simple joy of a perfect day. “My Sweet Girl” conveys the heartfelt and protective love of a devoted dad. Another stand-out is the introspective “October Fade.” Melancholy and full of longing, it’s an incredible expression of deep emotions. “Never Goodbye” brings this lovely album to a close with the warm embrace of a reassuring musical hug.Love Without Words is Thad Fiscella’s best album yet, so give your ears and mind a treat with this one! It is available from Amazon, CD Baby, and iTunes. Recommended!

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