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There are three artists named The Ancients.

  • 1. The Ancients is a band from Melbourne, Australia whose one constant member is songwriter Jonathan Michell, also known from his work in Breaking the Law and Mum Smokes. Other members are Mark Rodda, Raquel Solier, and Georgina Ward. In the past, the group has variously included Henry Krips (of Wagons), Dimitrios Constantaridis, Simon Francis (also Wagons), Chris Smith and Jesse Jackson Shepherd.

    The Ancients have released albums on Sensory Projects (2010's The Ancients 2) and Moteer (2009's The Ancients), as well as Michell's own Struggletown label.

    Their official MySpace page can be found here

  • 2. The Ancients released on slf titled CD of Gothic Rock in 1991. Based out of New York, The Ancients featured :
    Vocals, Guitar, Bass - Fredric Schreck
    Keyboards - Joe McGinty
    Tracks 1 and 6 (and their respctive rmixes) feature Percussion by Paul Ferguson and Guitar by John Carruthers

  • 3. The Ancients is hip hop duo hailing from Brooklyn and Jersey City. Paze and Mazzi, two veteran lyricists on the NYC met each other after crossing paths on the open mic circuit and decided to join forces after years of solo ventures. They’ve been rocking together for only three years and have created quite a buzz with their live performances by ripping shows from N.Y.C to L.A. with artists such as Eminem, Ghostface Killah, The Beatnuts, Xzibit, M.O.P., Black Star, dead prez and a host of underground superstars.
    In March 2000, they pressed up and released their debut maxi-single “Full Blast” b/w “NY2K” (f/ El-P formally of Company Flow and J-Treds) and “Off the Meter” (f/ Loer Velcoity). It was well received and got a lot of love on several underground radio shows and mix tapes throughout the country. In April 2001, Bronx Science Records released The Ancients’ second joint “What You Know About” b/w “20/20”. The A-side, an old school sounding banger was produced by Paze; while on “20/20” the emcees drop life-based poetics over a melodic Celph Titled track. The Ancients’ latest blazer “Pure Peak Performance” b/w “Get Into It” was released on Trring /Landspeed Records in late August 2001. “Pure..” was listed in the Source Feb 2001 issue in the prestigious Fat Tape. They are currently putting the finishing touches on their forthcoming LP tentatively titled “Timeless”.
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