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The Evpatoria Report was born in Switzerland in January 2002, last heard from some time around 2010. The band consists of two guitars, bass, drums, violin, and keyboards.

The band plays instrumental rock combining serenity, power, and intensity. Its first release was a two-track EP in 2003, followed by two albums: Golevka in 2005 (reissued in 2008) and Maar in 2008. Notable live performances have included performing with Mono (2004), Calexico (2004) and Red Sparowes (2006). According to their Myspace, "The Evpatoria Report is sleeping for a while," implying a hiatus for an undetermined period of time.

Evpatoria is a town in Crimea, Russia, the location of the space agency — some of the band's songs contain references to space or science, with Taijin Kyofusho featuring radio communications between the space shuttle Columbia and ground control before it exploded on re-entry in February 2003.

The Evpatoria Report collaborated with other musicians, including Reverse Engineering, the Orchestra of Ribaupierre, and the Union Choral Society of Vevey.

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  • 2002 – present (20 years)
  • Daniel Bacsinszky (2002 – present)
    David Di Lorenzo (2002 – present)
    Fabrice Berney (2002 – present)
    Laurent Quint (2002 – present)
    Simon Robert (2002 – present)

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