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The Sawtooth Grin is a band that formed in 1999 in Montrose, New York. They went through several line-up changes before disbanding in late 2004. Their first EP, "Cuddlemonster", was released on the label Dead. By 2018; a second EP called "Pervavor" featured a new guitarist, Will Joel, and a sound change from grindish mathcore toward deathmetal, but never saw an official release.

The Sawtooth Grin at times included drummer Jon Karel (The Number Twelve Looks Like You, Horse The Band, ex-The Heatherton Heatwave), bassist John E. Hickey III (ex-Deflatio), and Chris Lombardi (ex-Sex Positions, ex-The Heatherton Heatwave), among others.

Longtime bassist Chris Russell played in The Number Twelve Looks Like You. Vocalist Rich Lombardi now fronts North Carolina grind band Cloacal Kiss. Thomas Robertine, the drummer, played for a while in the band Making April .

They started playing together again in 2009.

Their new album, "Jabberwocky", is due out in late Spring 2012

The current lineup is as follows:
*Vocals:Rich Lombardi
*Guitars: Jay Springman
*Bass: Kevin Lowney
*Drums: Jon Karel

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