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Tokyo Spares are a Wollongong based 3 piece- female vocals that range from velvety purring to screaming banshee in less than a headshake, front low-fi retro drum beats with hefty cymbal abuse and hard string hitting guitar hooks with stop-start riffs, distorted fuzz and swirling feedback. Live, they are explosive; think B-52’s being humped by Yeah Yeah Yeah’s in an elevator, they’ve got pop, punk and rock tailored neatly to fit in your garage.

Tokyo Spares released their first EP ‘Get Your Pop Out’ in 2007 and followed with the release of ‘The Dirty Single’ in 08-with film clip and live track to boot. With a list of slick support slots with the likes of Children Collide, The Dardanelles and I Heart Hiroshima, plus rock staples Dragon and The Screaming Jets, Tokyo Spares have an ever-growing fan base. Triple J airplay, RAGE video rotation and their debut full-length album under production, Tokyo Spares are an eyeful of attitude and an ear full of sass… Get a hold of them before the crowds converge and the crash barriers go up.

Top Tracks
5) Dirty
9) Woe

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