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Torrance Drummond is a down to earth Australian musician who writes and performs novelty songs which contain 'in' jokes that pertain specifically to peers at his high school.

While his lyrics are always original, the tunes are sometimes borrowed from other classics.

Torrance has a low key approach, recording at either home or school and posting his songs to local fans via the internet, rather than CD's.

He began his carrer in 2003 with his live performance of 'Kozary Man' which was performed once only by a makeshift choir consisting of himself and twenty of his friends. It was sung on the back fields of his high school upon the subject of the song's arrival (he had recently returned from a long holiday).

In 2004, Torrance began recording with 'Noo Da Baby' and this was followed by his most notable song to date, 'Bane' which was recorded in early 2005.

This most recent song shows the added depth which Torrance's more recent compositions possess. He still sticks to the singer-songwriter approach (guitar and vocals) that was a winning formula in 'Noo Da Baby', but he now experiments with doubling, and tripling the vocals; lyrics are overlayed upon a range of non-verbal gutteral vocal sounds.

Torrance possesses an uncanny ability to produce experimental sounds with his voice which are both humourous and musically intriguing at the same time. In other words, his works are a unique concotion of comedy and avant garde vocals.

Currently, Torrance is in his final year and is studying music at a high school in the Newcastle region. He has been involved in a number of school based performances, with a particular preference for covering ragtime piano pieces. He has not recorded anything recently due to his preoccupation with the HSC, and no one is sure whether he will take his career to the next step, and write music which appeals to a larger group than the school community.

Torrance Drummond has close ties to two bands:

The first is none other than 'BJ 'n the Shat', a school band fronted by 'Barry' whom perform classic rock songs from the seventies and eighties, with an inspiring tang of comedy and parody thrown in. Their performances at school dances include melodies which combine old and new songs alike, and the wearing of hilarious period costumes to suit each song they perform.

The second is a more serious local band 'The Saxbys'. Torrance is friends with the youngest member, the drummer. The band has performed at many schools, youth venues, and even the Newcastle Conservatorium. 'The Saxbys' started in around 2002, and finished in 2005 when the lead singer finished high school and went overseas. Despite their recent revival gig, people are unsure about the future congruity of the band.

Torrance has not performed with either of these bands but he shares close friendships with them and it is obvious that they have provided some inspiration for his song writing.
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2) Bane
3) Behne

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