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Alter ego of rapper Daniel Dumile. Other alter egos include MF DOOM, Metal Fingers, DOOM and King Geedorah.

The name Viktor Vaughn comes from Victor Von Doom, the real name of Fantastic Four arch-enemy Dr. Doom.

Doom stated, in the song 'Doom on Vik': "Vik is more cutting edge, whatever the new stuff is or these new MC's are doing. But he still appreciates the old school art of rhyming. So there's still a level of sincerity to Viktors stuff, but it's still younger and newer, you know what I'm saying? And he rhymes over whatever beat, it don't matter." From another interview: "Like, Viktor, he supposed to be like a younger cat. Like, maybe a sophomore in high school type shit. So, his whole attitude has to be different. He's like, more spontaneous, spunky, you know what I'm saying? He got little funny stuff to say here and there. It's more from a younger guys perspective. I had to really get into character. It wasn't that hard, though. It's just a matter of remembering how it was back then at that time and just capturing that in lyrics." And also from another interview: "Viktor Vaughn is like a Bizarro Doom, if I can use that expression and whatnot. He's like the Doom from another dimension. But at the same time, it's another timeline, you know? Doom is known to dabble in science and technology here and there. But then Vik, in his dimension, technology might've been a little further along, so he had access to maybe quantum mechanics and all that a little earlier. He could devise a time travel machine, so that now you got Vik, he ends up in this dimension, but he's a little younger. He's a nineteen, kinda eighteen-year-old, kinda hotshot. He's a know-it-all kinda guy. But he's nice on the mic, know what I'm sayin? But he's still out of place. He's not even from here. But at the same time, he got that vigor, that young vigor that makes you say, 'It don't matter, like whatever. Like, well, y'all rhyme out here too, let's do it.' Nameen? It's really like I had to like make a Vik just so that I could speak for that other side. You know, because that side is valid too. We all remember being younger and kinda wild, a little rebellious. So I think that side needed a voice too."

Viktor Vaughn's debut album Vaudeville Villain was released on Sound-Ink Records September 16, 2003. The tracks were produced by Heat Sensor, King Honey, Max Bill (all of the Sound-Ink record label) and RJD2 (Saliva). The follow-up Venomous Villain was released through Insomniac, Inc. on August 3, 2004.

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  • 9 January 1971
  • London, England, United Kingdom Died 31 October 2020 (Aged 49)

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