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There are 4 bands on with the name Wild Youth

1) Wild Youth was a late 70s punk band from South Africa who only released as self titled 7" and another named "All Messed Up" there's also been a live performance recording spotted. Wild Youth was Rubin “Wildman” Rose first punk band , he later went in Warspike and PowerAge, this crazy drummer broke a record in ‘82 by staying 30 hours non-stop drumming

2) A Punk band from Lichfield, near Birmingham, in the UK that combine elements of punk, glam, reggae and classic rock n' roll. They have been described as:

'A Band With More Than Just Pretty Faces, These Boys Really Know How To Play.They look like T-Rex meet Rod Stuart With Their Own Modern Edge Which The Kids Crave. Its Safe To Say Their Hasn't Been A Band Like This In Years Thats If Their Has Ever Been A Band Like This. With Songs Like 'Rainbows' And 'Viva la Revolution' They Certainly Catch The Audience's Attention Running Around Like 6 Year Olds High On Coca Cola But This Lot Just Seem To Be High Off Their Music And The Good Time Atmosphere They Create! Definately A Band To Look Out For In The Future These Addrenaline Pumped Adolesents Are Going To Be Huge'

Check them out on MySpace.

3) The other Wild Youth was a Wessex band from around '81-'82 who figured on the "Wessex '81" and "Wessex 82" compilations by Pax records. Best known for their notorious song "sick boy" which depicts the misfit of society who steals from his granny and plays in a band. Great song!

4) Swedish punk band ca 1983; an early form of what would become Strebers.

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