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There are at least six artists named Winter:

1. Pioneering Death/Doom metal band from New York, United States
2. A gothic rock band from Husum, Germany
3. A dream pop band from Massachusetts, United States
4. A post-hardcore band from New Zealand
5. A progressive rock band from Northern Ireland
6. A South Korean singer and member of aespa

1) Winter the Long Island, New York metal band (1988-91) that influenced doom metal.
Winter was a New York/Long Island, USA based metal outfit formed in 1988 that only existed until 1991. Line up was: Stephen Flam - guitars, John Alman - vocals/bass and Joe Goncalves on drums.Together with other legends like Thergothon and dISEMBOWELMENT they formed a groundbreaking foundation for death-doom metal and for its more extreme form called funeral doom.This mighty US trio has been an inspiration for hundreds of extreme metal bands bands and the most notable of them are Darkthrone,Sunn O))), Evoken, Hooded Menace,Rigor Sardonicous and Moss.
Winter played monumentally massive, suffocatingly slow yet somewhat melodic death metal riffs accompanied by deep agressive growls, slow yet vigourous drumming and sparse keyboards that created a very cold, dark and frustrating atmosphere.

The band released only a demo tape in 1989 and recorded an album entitled "Into Darkness" in 1990 that was released on tape and CD by a very small label Future Shock Recordings (FSC8000 / FSCD8000). Unfortunately that label went bankrupt. Shortly after that stroke of fate the band disbanded.

Two years later the German label Nuclear Blast re-released "Into Darkness" (1992; CD/LP/MC NB064) and the demo tape "Eternal Frost" (1994; MCD056).
In 1999 and 2008 both albums were re-released once more as "Into Darkness/Eternal Frost".

2) Winter is a one-man gothic rock band from Husum, Germany, led by Markus Winter. Markus Winter (born September 14, 1973 in Düsseldorf) is a German author, musician, scriptwriter, singer and composer. As the lead singer of the band Hertzton, Winter has released three albums since 2002. His solo album appeared in 2010. In 2016 the second album "The Flyer" was released and in 2018 a third called "We wear Black". Winter released two albums under his own name (abbreviated: WINTER): "Pale Horse" (2021, Drakkar Entertainment) and "Looking Back" (2022, Winterzeit Records). Link:

3) Winter, the Star-projecting sunflower of ! band of (Samira Winter) from Curitiba, Brazil/Boston, MA and connected to Practice Room Records collective. It is dreamy created in Samira Winter's bedroom, etherealized by her bandmates and blissfully released into the world. Link to their music:

4) Winter are a Christchurch, New Zealand Band that play emotive music that could be described as Screamo, Skramz or Post Hardcore. The group involve elements of ambient, street hardcore and post hardcore music into their work.

5) Winter were a neo-prog act from Belfast who had an EP released on CD by SI Music, as well as some self-released tapes etc. They called it a day in 1997 but there are plans to reissue a remastered version of the EP. More details at

6) WINTER (hangul: 윈터) is a South Korean singer under . She debuted on November 17, 2020 as a member of the girl group aespa.

On December 27, 2021 it was revealed that she alongside her groupmate KARINA would be part of GOT the beat, the first unit from SM's project 'Girls On Top'. Their debut digital single "Step Back" was released on January 3, 2022.

WINTER also released her first solo project on May 22, 2022 with "ONCE AGAIN", a collab with her groupmate NINGNING.

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