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There are several artists named Wonder:

1. Wonder is a rapper associated with artists such as mol$.

2. Wonder is a dream pop band, founded in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, in 2012. The band consists singer-songwriter Marije de Vries, producer/guitar player Patrick Schaafstal, bassist Bart Hooghiemstra, drummer, Pandu Windartono, keyboardist Michiel de Koning and background singer Masha Schenkel. Inspirations are bands like Beach House, Radiohead, Feist and Fleetwood Mac. The band will bring out their first LP in spring/summer 2014.

3. Wonder AKA DJ Wonder is a UK Grime DJ/Producer & is a former member of Roll Deep.

In 2001, while attending a business course, one of Wonder’s lessons was cancelled. Bored, he went round to a DJ friend’s house and started dabbling on the decks. Nine hours later, his DJ career began. Wonder soon abandoned aspirations towards a career in business and started to study music technology instead. He soon hooked up with future Roll Deep members Wiley and Danny Weed. Within months of starting his new career Wonder landed himself an early morning slot on Rinse 100.3 fm with another future Roll Deep member Dizzee Rascal. After some solo shows and collaborations with Wiley, in the summer of 2002 Wonder headed to Ayia Napa to DJ, playing at events such as Sun City. When he returned Wonder moved to the primetime 7pm slot on Rinse Fm. Soon afterwards a new crew called Roll Deep was formed. Wonder was a founder member. In 2003, after numerous radio shows and bookings, Wonder decided to leave Roll Deep and pursue a solo career. While still DJing he tried his hand at producing and started to work with Geenus and the Static Media Camp. His first release went on to sell over a thousand units, establishing his name as a producer. But it wasn’t until his third release in 2004, What, released on Dumpvalve records, that Wonder really established himself as a successful producer. What went on to sell 3,500 copies and was picked up by Mercury Award Winner Dizzee Rascal as a backing track for Respect me on his second album Showtime. After the success of this collaboration Wonder embarked on a European & American tour as Dizzee’s DJ, supporting The Streets in 2005 and also Dizzee’s 2005 Showtime tour, the latter of which visited 25 states. Wonder still DJs on Rinse fm, and at events such as Live and Forward @ Plastic People. His production skills are in demand by some of the biggest UK artists such as Kano, Sway and Lethal B. Wonder has also recently remixed tracks for Mr Hudson, the Prodigy, SLK and Lady Sovereign. He released his debut album in December 2006 titled "Welcome to wonderland."

4. A member of Unreal.

5. Wonder is a music arranger. His doujin circle is called OrangeCoffee.

6. WONDER is a sludge band from Helsinki, Finland. Bandcamp

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