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After reaching the benchmark of 7 years history the wynardtage project is heading to make a great review! Frontman Kai. A known from projects like Acylum, Crucifactor, I.P.X., La Soma or Sensogen, started already in 1997 to create his own songs and sounds. Later he added some well versed musicians in his network as there are Rico S.(echorausch), Mario F. and Gunnar B.(both from davaNtage) or later on Louis C.(la Magra) to increase quality of his music and integrate new influences.
In 2008 he could engage Mel G. of Future Trail as an ambitioned guest singer for his "Grey Line"-release to give the title more emotional depth with her charismatic voice.
From the musical side wynardtage is situated in the dark-electro area of course and has developed constantly. Today the press characterises the style as an independent mixture of melancholie and dancecore beat.

He could gain the national black dance-clubs in storm with his debut-CD: "waste of time" in 2005! With the clubsmasher "Sterbehilfe" and the participation in the "Battle of the Bands" in the Sonic Seducer mag the project could reach first reputation short before the release of the debut. After different sampler contributions, remix work and so on the international breakthrough was made in 2006 with the album "Evil Mind" that could raise to no 5 of the national DAC-Charts and stay for several weeks in the Native 25 Charts! So then it went step by step and without resting on honour nearly one year later in 2007 the next release "Praise the Fallen "came out and this was for most of the fans a milestone in the carrier of wynardtage. Remarkable vocal samples combined with exciting melody fragments had formed the origin wynardtage beat and pointed directly on the floors of the clubs. So this record again stay in DAC and Native 25 charts!

After the 2008 maxi-cd "Peace of Mind" which was also featured on the Rupal Records Sampler Capture & Tension.
The new studio album "The Grey Line" (DAC Top5) is available since November 2008.

Finally this year 2009 will see the second release in the row of "The forgotten Sins" and there will be a special release to celebrate the seventh anniversary of the projects history..!

Stay tuned for more…

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