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BBE is a Neo-Blues band from León, México. The ensemble started in 2014 when singer/songwriter Lanch invites guitarist Fernz and bassist Alessandro Bergamo to record a song with bluesy feeling.
As soon as we finished the first song, we realized that “the time was just right to create blues sounds.”

The band was soon joined by Pianist Jonathan Stephens, who spiced up the mix with his powerful and classic style playing.

Soon after finishing our first song we began writing and recording our debut album…. VOL. 1, released in 2014. This album was more than just a new record, it became an expression, a way to convey and share years of musicianship.

In 2018 they released the single "The Devil in You"
After searching for a new sound and wanting to bring something fresh to the game we are finally releasing our latest single "ADDICTED" with a fresh new sound and willing to explore and experience music at a new level.

​Addicted was released on February 7th 2020, followed by Body Soul & Blues released on September 25th marking the full new sound, Neo-Blues is born.

Bourbon Blues Ensemble has performed in major blues festivals in Mexico like:

° Festival Internacional de Blues en Pozos
° Festival Queretablues
° Festival Madero Blues
° Jalpa Rock & Blues Fest
° Festival de las Luces
° Festival Internacional Cervantino
° Talento Radioactivo​​​

As well as many private shows as part of their music promotion.

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