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1. DTF is a music project by Makoto Katagiri.
In late 90s Katagiri firstly encountered electronic music. Deeply inspired, he started producing his own material.
As a member of groups, he played in various live events, acted as DJ, and released the music.After suspending his musical career temporarily, he came back as a solo artist in 2010. In 2011 his first solo debut album, 「Day in Day out」, was released by AY, a Japanese record label. Dark Electronica based tracks, with layers upon layers of programmed rythem, mixed with Ambient, Minimal, Noise and Industrial, present deeply expressive sound.
Filled with tenderness and elegance, combined with hardness and aggressiveness, showing another embodiment of the complexity of human emotions.

2. DTF is also a french hip-hop group, affiliate with PNL. Theire first mixtape is called "Le H avant le B". They plan to release their first album "La Hass avant le bonheur" 03/18/16.

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