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Nano Ripe (styled as nano.RIPE) is four-person Japanese pop rock band that formed in 2008 as an indie band. They released one single and three albums independently, but were signed in 2010 to Lantis. They released their major debut single "Patricia" in September 2010. The band's third single "Hana no Iro" was used as the opening theme to the anime Hanasaku Iroha.

Kimiko (きみコ)
birthday: 03.12
blood: A
instrument :Fender Jaguar.
season: in winter
color: green
favorite: cheesecake

Jun Sasaki (Sasaki Jun, ササキジュン)
birthday :06.05
blood: O
instrument: Fender Stratocaster.
season: Autumn
color: black dark green
favorite: glasses

Nobuyuki Abe (Abe Nobuyuki, アベノブユキ)
birthday :07.05
blood :A
instrument: Bucchus Standard
season: winter at the end of summer
color: blue sepia
favorite: Travel drive

Drums (2008-2011)
birthday :06.03
blood :A blood: A
instrument :Ludwig maple/6.5.
season: in winter
color: blue-green
favorite: Ale

Yuuki Aoyama (Aoyama Yuuki, 青山友樹)
Drums (2011-present)

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