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pg.lost is a four-piece band from Norrköping, Sweden formed in year 2004. The band was initially called Before You Give In but after numerous changes in the lineup the band took on the current name.

They released a 2005 self-titled demo EP followed by an EP entitled Yes I Am in 2007, their first full-length release called It's Not Me, It's You! in 2008, and In Never Out arrived in year 2009, new album Key in 2012.

Versus was released in 2016, and Oscillate towards the end of 2020.

Their material can be downloaded from Bandcamp

Top Tracks
5) Jura
9) ...
11) Maquina
12) Siren
19) Ikaros
21) Gomez
23) Eraser
24) Sheaves

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