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Searows is the indie/folk project of Alec Duckart (he/him), an American singer/songwriter and guitarist raised in the Pacific Northwest. His self-produced debut album, Guard Dog, comes out September 30th, 2022. While Alec is preternaturally private and reserved, he holds little back in his music. Guard Dog’s intentionally crafted chords and warm, gentle melodies create a space where we can be honest with ourselves. The songs on Guard Dog are intensely vulnerable, full of plaintive ruminations about how to be in the world: how to care and protect, and feel cared for and protected, amidst the small violences of our closest relationships, including our relationship with ourselves. Alec wrote, recorded and mixed the 13 song album at home between his 21st and 22nd birthdays, and released two songs from it (Used to be Friends and Walk Me Home) this summer.
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