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This Delicate Thing We've Made is the third studio album by Australian singer-songwriter Darren Hayes. It is a double album that was released on his own label Powdered Sugar on 20 August 2007. The first single off the album, "On the Verge of Something Wonderful", was released in Australia on 28 July 2007 and in the UK and online on 6 August 2007. The album has been made with the help of a 1983 Fairlight CMI synthesizer, and the ex-Savage Garden frontman has said it is a cinematic and theatrical album. It reached number 5 on the Top Albums chart of the Australian iTunes store on the day of release and number 3 later in its first week.

Hayes released the album track "Who Would Have Thought?" with added animated video as a teaser on his official website, as well as his MySpace profile on 9 April 2007. This track was co-written with Guy Chambers. Around this time, remixes of the album track "Step into the Light" were being played in clubs around the world.

On 30 April 2007, Hayes released the album track "Step into the Light" as another teaser on his official website and MySpace profile. On 14 May 2007, Hayes released the animated video for "Step into the Light" on his website. Short clips of "On the Verge of Something Wonderful" and "Me, Myself and (I)" have also been made available on his website. On July 1, 2007 it was stated that the music video for "On the Verge of Something Wonderful" would debut the coming Tuesday.

Hayes revealed the album's second single would be "Me, Myself and (I) in a blog entry on 4 August 2007. On 25 September 2007, Darren Hayes revealed his new video for "Me, Myself, and (I)". In addition to this, he released a video for his song "Words" one week prior which features someone's hands performing card tricks and eventually fusing all the cards to form a 2 of Hearts with the Origami crane from the cover of his album in the center of the card.

'This Delicate Thing We've Made' spent just two weeks in the Australian top 50 and the UK top 75: it entered the Australian Albums Top 50 at #19 before falling to #38 the following week, and entered the UK Album chart at #14 before falling to #72 the following week.

Track listing -
Disc one:
1. "A Fear of Falling Under" (Hayes, Justin Shave) – 4:09
2. "Who Would Have Thought?" (Hayes, Guy Chambers) – 4:30
3. "Waking the Monster" – 4:07
4. "How to Build a Time Machine" – 5:51
5. "Casey" (Hayes, Peter-John Vettese) – 6:26
6. "Step into the Light" – 4:57
7. "Sing to Me" (Hayes, Matthew Wilder) – 4:56
8. "A Conversation with God" – 5:08
9. "The Sun Is Always Blinding Me" (Hayes, Eg White) – 4:24
10. "Listen All You People" – 5:00
11. "The Only One" (Hayes, George Muranyi) – 3:42
12. "Bombs Up in My Face" (Hayes, Shave) – 3:39
13. "The Great Big Disconnect" – 4:17

Disc two:
1. "The Future Holds a Lion's Heart" – 4:02
2. "On the Verge of Something Wonderful" – 4:02
3. "Neverland" (Hayes, Shave) – 4:03
4. "Walk Away" (Hayes, Muranyi) – 4:46
5. "Maybe" – 4:15
6. "Me, Myself and (I)" – 4:05
7. "Lucky Town" – 3:50
8. "I Just Want You to Love Me" (Hayes) – 4:00
9. "Setting Sun" (Hayes, Shave) – 4:12
10. "A Hundred Challenging Things a Boy Can Do" – 5:01
11. "Words" (Hayes, Stuart Brawley) – 4:34
12. "The Tuning of Violins" (Hayes, Shave) – 4:30 .