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Days of the New (also known as the Orange or Yellow album) is the debut album of world music/post-grunge band Days of the New, and the first of their three self-titled albums. The album was released in 1997 through Outpost.

The band recorded its debut album in October and November 1996 at Woodland Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. Drummer Matt Taul was called away from the studio during the sessions for the birth of his daughter, so session drummer Adam Turgeon filled in on some tracks. The last song on the album, "Cling" is actually a home demo that Meeks recorded on a four-track machine. The entire album is acoustic, with emphasis on guitar, and features dark melodies such as "Face of the Earth" and "Freak" as well as more upbeat songs like "The Down Town" and "Where I Stand."

Days of the New was a success, selling 1.5 million copies worldwide. Three songs from the album were hits: "Touch, Peel and Stand," "The Down Town," and "Shelf in the Room." "Touch, Peel and Stand" was number one on Billboard's Rock Chart for 17 weeks; "The Down Town" and "Shelf in the Room" were each top 40 hits. Music videos produced for the three singles also found rotation.

Shortly after releasing the album, the band went on tour with Metallica and Jerry Cantrell in 1998. Internal problems became publicly evident, however, and soon after concluding the tour, the band split up. Todd Whitener, Matt Taul and Jesse Vest would go on to form Tantric while Meeks formed a new band under the Days of the New name.

1. "Independent Slaves" - Appears on the Touch, Peel and Stand single and on the Crow: Salvation soundtrack
2. "Got To Be You" - Appears on the Touch, Peel and Stand single and on 2 Guitars, Bass & Drums: Songs For Survival
3. "Special Guide" - Appears on the Shelf In The Room single
4. "Seasons Change" - Appears on the Half Baked soundtrack
5. "Two Faces" - Appears on the Varsity Blues soundtrack
6. "Running Knees" - Appears on the Godzilla soundtrack

On December 1, 1998, Outpost released Days of the New: Live, a VHS featuring concert footage and two music videos. The video includes numerous songs that would be released on future Days of the New albums. .

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