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Spit is the debut studio album of nu metal band Kittie, released in January 11th, 2000. It contains the 2 singles Brackish and Charlotte, and contains the song Paperdoll which they made a EP of in December 12th, 2000.

The line-up on the time of recording was Morgan Lander as vocals, Mercedes Lander as drums, Fallon Bowman as guitar (and vocals for the song Choke), and Tanya Candler as bass.
Before the Brackish music video started filming, Tanya quit, Being replaced by Talena Atfield. They recorded the brackish music video sometime in 1999. On November 13, 1999 the album was released in limited quantities with a different cover featuring Tanya. It was officially released on January 11th, 2000, in which it went gold. .


1) Spit

4) Suck

7) Jonny

9) Raven

11) Choke

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