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Dream is a genre of music that combines either pop (dream pop) or rock (dream rock) with atmospheric ambience. Bands in the dream genre are more sensitive and accessible than their louder shoegazer counterparts, but too dreamy and non-conventional to be mainstream pop/rock artists. Noticeable bands are The Cocteau Twins, The Chameleons, Slowdive and Jeniferever.

In the 90s it was common practice to label alternative and emo bands such as Sunny Day Real Estate, Mineral and The Smashing Pumpkins as dream (rock) as well.

Typical characteristics of dream:
A dreamy/spaced out feel to the melodies.
Dreamy lyrics.
Acoustic guitars that are slightly out of tune.
Keyboards and organs that are a central piece of the melodies.
Heavy delay on instruments such as electric guitars.
Programmed drums that are punctuated by pads.
The usage of samples.
Vocals that are low in the mix.
Vocals that are used more as an instrument than a message carrier/deliverer .

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