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Greek Music has a long tradition. Several gods and goddesses were connected with music and the very word music comes from the Nine Muses of ancient Greece. They were the course of inspiration for all artists and even today many artists speak of their Muse. The compositions of Greek Music have existed for millennia and they originated in the Ancient Greece or the Byzantine period, where there is a continuous development which appears in the language, the rhythm, the structure and the melody.
Greek Music can be seperated at:
Ancient or Classical Music (Pyrrichios, Koryvantes, Serra, Nisiotika, Zeibekiko - Folk Music, "War dances", "Comedy, Drama and Theatre dances"),
Byzantine Music (Church Music, Constantinople/Anatolian Music -chasapiko-) and
Laïko Music (Greek Songs of Greek People - Byzantina, Dimotika, Paradosiaka). .

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